LEGACY LACE 430 yds Yarn Lace-050 SASSY SAGE
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Brown Sheep Yarn - Made in the USA
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Legacy Lace Lace weight scale 0
Fiber: 2 ply 75% Washable Wool + 25% Nylon
Skein Type: BALL
Yards: 430
Ounces: 1.75 (50 grams)
Needle Size: US 1 (2.5 mm)
Stitches per inch: 11
Washing Instructions: Hand wash, lukewarm water using Brown's Wool Wash.
Color Uniformity: Purchas enogh yarn at the same time to complete your project.
Order Colorcards: Highly recommended.  The colorcard has the actual yarn samples

  • Item #: Lace-050B
  • Manufacturer: Brown Sheep Company, Inc.
  • Condition: New

LEGACY LACE 430 yds Yarn Lace-050 SASSY SAGE

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