Mb 007 SABLE Lambs Pride BULKY Yarn - Lot 0222
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Brown Sheep Mb 007 SABLE Lambs Pride BULKY Yarn - Lot 0222
Brown Sheep products are MADE in the USA.   The wool for this product is gathered from sheep ranches in various areas of the United States.

The Stats for Brown Sheep Mb 007 SABLE Lambs Pride BULKY Yarn - Lot 0222 are, 
BULKY Weight or Weight Scale 5
1 ply
85 percent Wool PLUS 15 percent Mohair
Color Type HEATHER
Type of skein Pull
Approximant 125 yards or 114 meters
4 ounces or 113 grams
Needle Size: US 10.5 or 6.5 mm - Stitches per inch 3, 9 Rows per 2 inch
Recommended Washing Instruction for this yarn is Hand wash in cold water using wool wash.
This is a beautiful 1 ply yarn with over 90 colors to select from.  These great selection of colors make it easy to create the project you have in mind.  Use this yarn for making sweaters, afghans, coats, household items or even Felt projects. Lambs Pride is Used for Crochet work and Knitting.

1. For Color Uniformity
make sure you purchase enough Brown Sheep Mb 007 SABLE Lambs Pride BULKY Yarn - Lot 0222  at the same time to complete your project.

ORDER Nature Spun Yarn COLORCARDS is highly recommended.  These Colorcards have the actual Yarn Samples.  These samples represent the color for all the Lambs Pride, Worsted or Bulky weight yarn.

3. A BACK ORDER is an order from the WAREHOUSE ORDER which is shipped from warehouse to my Shop in about 3 to 14 Working Days.  Order that take longer than 14 working days, you will be notified by E-mail.  You will be given the approximant time of the shipment.  Then you can decide whether you want to wait for the item or you can cancel the Item.

4. If you placed a Backorders from the warehouse
the Dye lot may be different than the Shop’s. 

5. The Brown Sheep Brown Sheep Mb 007 SABLE Lambs Pride BULKY Yarn will have all have the same lots when shipped from the Woobee KnitShop.

  • Item #: B-Mb-007
  • Manufacturer: Brown Sheep Company, Inc.
  • Condition: New

Mb 007 SABLE Lambs Pride BULKY Yarn - Lot 0222

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